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Love You

This song is expressed the feeling of "I love you".


I imagined the sound of the word "giocoso" (Italian) and the meaning, and tried to make it a danceable song.

Brand-new Life

A song created to celebrate the birth of a new life. Created with a simple arrangement.

Be at a lose

It's a song created by imaging the situation where I can't see the future.

Power to Victory

I saw a futsal match and made this song with the impression of that match.


The 16th "Rikisaku Contest (Shimamura music)" entried. At that time, it was only Singer Song Writer 4.0 Lite (INTERNET Co., Ltd) and Virtual Sound Canvas (Roland Corporation) MIDI, but now I remixed the sound. Everything is made of computer music. I'm glad if you can listen and like it. Current version ABILITY+Saxlab2+Roland Sound Canvas VA NATIVE INSTRUMENTS KOMPLETE ELEMENTS

peaceful sky

A song I made when I looked up at the sky when I was 19 years old.

Secret heart

The theme is the secret love. It feels a bit hard rock.


It's a little up-tempo song.

Fight for peace

A song created based on the imagene of "The Battle of Changban" of "The Records of the Three Kingdoms". It starts from bass solo. It is an up-tempo song.